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Thanks to the immense popularity of this type of ride I can't believe they'll be anyone reading this for who "it's a spinning mouse" won't be an adequate description, and give them an idea of exactly what to expect.

What is more unusual is to see this ride in this setting. It's a ride I'd normally expect to see at a funfair or a seaside amusement park, (although Disney's Animal Kingdom has a set) not at a countryside amusement park. The park gets away with it though thanks to the fact they've avoided the normal bright colours, and gone with some natural greens and browns that fit in with the surroundings.

Colour scheme aside it's business as usual. It starts with the traditional wild mouse turns, before the spinning mechanism is released and the car is free to rotate as you take a number of dips. The spinning aspect means some rides are sometimes more thrilling than others, but even the tamest rides still offer a good level of family thrills. Given the spinning mouse's prominence this isn't a must do. If there's a queue your probably better off waiting until you visit a fair or amusement park where it's less likely there will be a queue. On a quiet day though it still merits a go.
Twister - Second Opinion



Thanks to  Robert Brooks for writing this review for me.

The spinning Wild Mouse coaster adds am ‘edge’ to the more common types of mouse rides but the novelty soon wears off.

The coaster consists of single cars that have the ability to spin and get sent around a course of very tight hairpin bends (which can be quite nerve racking for some of the faint hearted of us), steep drops and a barrel of dizzy laughter.  If you have the right weight distribution in the cars you can usually get them to spin quite furiously creating a very fun ride.  On the other hand, if the weight distribution isn’t good enough or a car enters a turn in the wrong position you may not spin very much at all.  Every ride is different which is what makes it more interesting compared with non spinning mice. However I would not say this is on par with the likes of the wooden Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach because it just doesn’t pick up enough speed and ferocity.

Where this coaster falls though is the fact that the novelty wears off after a while, which makes re-rides not very inviting on a busy day, plus, there a loads of these types of coaster out there now and some at the end of piers next to the sea making them much more exciting.  So, all in all, it’s a good laugh with your mates but not one to make a fuss about riding if it’s busy, especially seen as the throughput on it is terrible, resulting in large queues of up to over an hour; and let’s be honest that would be a waste of time in my opinion.