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I have fond memories of riding this when I was young when it was known as the Sewer Rat. It was an enclosed coaster with original and effective theming, that saw you descending in to a themed sewer and riding rat shaped cars. Recently though the park made the commendable decision to freshen up the ride by giving it a new theme of an abandoned mine where dinosaurs still run loose.

They've done a really good job with the queue, that has fake newspapers on the wall and an announcement on the tannoy which does a great job of setting the scene. Once they let you in you have a large walkthrough area, which has some fossils and other decorations added to the old sewer theme. Like the Sewer Rat this part is a well themed atmospheric area, which does enhance the ride experience above that of a simple enclosed roller coaster.

The main change to the theming is to the ride itself, before it was a large dark room, now they've added some models around the ride to spice things up a little. The models aren't great quality, but are used in a way that enhances the ride. They're used ghost train style, kept in the dark until the last second, where they suddenly light up as you pass.

Even without these models though it would still be a good ride. It tears around at a fast pace for any coaster, not just one designed as a family ride. This along with the unpredictability created by the darkness creates a wild and thrilling ride.

On paper you would expect this to be a good secondary ride to The Ultimate. This though, thanks to some great theming and a wild ride feels like a signature coaster in it's own right.