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This is a ride I knew surprisingly little about before riding it. It's a major new ride for Legoland, yet apart from one or two brief reports I struggled to find much info on it. On first inspection it looks a little out of the ordinary. It's set around the crest of a hill, with the river following a horseshoe like route, going around the Loki's Labyrinth area which is lower down. The fact you can view the whole ride, and the fact it's set high up, rather than at ground level makes it stand out from other rapids rides. The concrete used to make the ride could have easily have been an eyesore, especially in Legoland, but the fact that the water is kept clean, and a large number of themed features and decorations the ride manages to avoid this.


At first glance it looks like a tame rapids ride. The water chutes are narrow, and there aren't many actual rapids, where the level of the water changes. It makes up for this though by setting a great pace. The boat moves around the course at a very fast pace. It's not a super fast rate that creates a sense of danger, but it's enough to ensure the course never gets boring, and there's never that big a pause between the various ride features. The fact that any slow points have been avoided is a great achievement for a rapids ride.

I've already mentioned the features a couple of times, and they are an important part of the ride. This includes simple things like water sprayers, up to a large wave machine. They have been well placed and designed to ensure there's always something of interest to be on the look out for during the ride.

Compared to other rapids rides it doesn't provide as many thrills from an out of control feeling, but it's clear this ride has been designed primarily with fun in mind. If you take this in to account the ride is a triumph, and makes this one of my favourite rides at Legoland.