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This is a ride I'm afraid I came away from disappointed. Not because it's that bad a ride, but because I was expecting something a lot more spectacular. To start with things look promising, the queue line area has been well done. It creates a good atmosphere, and has lots of good features around it, meaning the long queue wasn't that bad. Towards the end of the queue your separated in to groups, where you're taken in to a briefing room where you watch a short video explaining the ride. This area is also well themed, and the video is reasonably entertaining. It's after this though things go down hill.

The weakest point is the journey between the briefing room and loading station, which undoes most of the work gone in to creating an atmosphere done in the queue and briefing room. It doesn't help that you have to step outside to get from the queue and shop building to the ride building. This is because the train ride goes between the two buildings. I don't think this could have been helped, but it wouldn't have been to difficult to put a roof over this section. This would be more forgivable if more effort had gone in to theming in this area and the station, but it's like they ran out of money at this point, so this area is only minimally themed, and not very atmospheric.


The ride itself is an interactive dark ride with laser guns and targets. It works differently from Tomb Blaster and Duel, as the targets are trickier to hit. I didn't find this a bad thing though as it stops the fact there are fewer targets to hit becoming as big a problem. There are still some points where the car stops, where you find yourself the same couple of targets several times, but it doesn't get uninteresting at any point.

One problem is that although there is a plot to this ride, it's easy to overlook. It involves a treasure hunter trying to retrieve treasure from a tomb before an evil treasure hunter. You can tell he's evil because he has a silent movie villains moustache. The trouble is this gets overlooked due to the distraction of the gun game. I think it would have been better to have a simpler plot, so more emphasis could have been put on the gun game aspect.

Overall it's not a bad ride. The scenery is of a nice quality, but it's on not that great a scale. The smaller scale and the simplistic route makes it feel like a good filler ride, rather than a major attraction. With the marketing campaign of this ride I was expecting something that would be better than the Terror Tomb at Chessington, this feels like a step back from that. It's a nice ride, but not one worth going out of your way for, especially if you've done Tomb Blaster or Duel. Hopefully once the initial novelty has worn off the queues will be shorter, and this will be a nice addition to Legoland's ride line up.