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Neptune's Kingdom
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Parks on the East coast seem to have something about fishy/ocean themed scenic rides. Fantasy Island in Skegness has one, Pleasurewood Hills has one, Great Yarmouth has a large ocean area in there Fairytale ride, and here Joyland has one.


I'm a little stuck of what to say about this one to be honest. The models are of a reasonable quality, set in neon ultra violet glow colours, and there is quite a bit to see, especially when you consider how small the ride looks from the outside.

I think the problem is that the ride is a little bland. The models are good, but the rides lacking in humour and charm, meaning you don't quite feel as involved as you would on some of the better scenic rides. Although an effort has been made, this ride fails to find the formula needed to make it an experience that amounts to more than going around looking at some nice models.