Park Review


Jet Cars
Neptune's Kingdom
The Snails
Spook Express
Tyrolean Tubwist

Of the words that you can use to describe this park, big isn't one of them. I can easily walk from one side of this park to another in less than a minute.

To be fare the pricing system is appropriate for a park this small size. Unless you have very young kids five pounds worth of tokens should allow you to do all the rides you would want to do. The generally short queues mean this probably won't take more than an hour.

The rides are aimed at a younger market. There are a few rides that only young children can go on. Even there most thrilling rides are still only in the mid thrills family market.

They've put in quite a bit given the limited space. As well as the small thrill rides and the three roller coasters (although it's controversial if you count the snail as a coaster or not) there's the Neptune's Kingdom scenic ride, and the Jet Cars thrill ride.

Overall it's not that bad a place. Although it has a small selection of rides, that probably won't take you more than an hour to do, but as this won't cost you more than a fiver there isn't much to complain about.  It's not a must visit place, but it's worth popping in to if your in the area, say to visit Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach up the road.