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Steam Yacht

I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this ride. I've been on the Steam Yacht at Carters Steam Fair and it's one of the most insane rides I've ridden. The amount of force you feel at the top of each swing is phenomenal, seeing you holding on for dear life, as you believe you could be ejected from your seat.


This one doesn't pack nearly as much pinch. I think it's because it's a slightly different model from other existing Steam Yachts, that was originally powered by human power with ropes, with the steam engine being an addition at a later date. This could also explain why this is a single yacht, instead of the slightly more common twin set.

It may not be the best example of a steam yacht to ride to ride, but it's still not that bad an example of a family ride. You still get a good sensation when the boat swings up, lifting you out of your seat. It's good to see this forerunner to the later pirate ship and other thrill rides till in action.