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This ride is pretty much unique, it's reckoned to be the only steam powered chair swing ever made. This is because it was converted from a steam carousel, with the chairs hung from the roof to convert it, after part of the original ride was damaged in a fire.


Having ridden a basic chair swing which doesn't ride up or tilt very recently I didn't have high expectations of this one. Without the tilting roof the previous one was very tame, like a thrill ride for infants. This one though feels a lot different. I think part of it is  because it's a carousel conversion the chains are shorter. This means more force is exerted on the riders as a result of the spinning, and the chairs swing out at a steeper angle. When you're doing this close to the ground it becomes a very exciting sensation.

Another good sensation is the perceived speed is much higher than on most regular chair swings. The perception of speed and wind in your face sensation feels like it would on a good powered coaster. Having tried such a large number of chair swings it's refreshing to try one that offers something different, by going back to basics.