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Razzle Dazzle
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One thing I've learnt from here, and the travelling Carters steam fair is don't underestimate the old thrill rides, or try to compare them to any modern counterpart, you'll inevitably make a misjudgement. This is billed as the worlds first white knuckle ride. This makes it the predecessor of, well every other white knuckle ride in existence. Looking at it you'd basically expect a carousel type ride, that tilts at an angle. The fact that the seats look like cheap park benches, with no seatbelts or restraints seems to support this assumption. Well all these assumptions are wrong.


The force created when this ride spins is surprisingly large. It causes you to slide in your seat towards the edge of the ride, a bit like the twister ride you get at most fairgrounds. Unlike the twist though you're not seated in a secure pod, held in place by a secure lap bar, your on a bench, trying to hold on the best you can. The fact the ride then tilts to an angle adds some novelty, but it doesn't do that much in adding extra thrills. This doesn't really matter as the mad hair raising experience already created by the ride, means it's one you won't forget in a hurry.