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As well as the funfair rides there are several steam trains and road vehicles that operate which you can ride on. One of the main things to try is this steam railway, which departs from a station a short distance from the funfair.

As you might have guessed it follows a large circuit around a large abandoned quarry. The fact it's abandoned means you won't see any large holes in the ground. Instead most of it sees you travelling around a large woodland area. They have left some of the quarry equipment at some point though, where the train slows down to give you a chance to examine it.


It's interesting to note that the train and stations decoration standards don't match up to the standards of other train like attractions. This isn't the fault of the park because the train, carriages and station here are former working models, used for  various purposes before being saved from the scrapheap by Hollycombe, as opposed to a purpose built tourist steam train.

The decoration isn't that much of an issue though, thanks to a nice location with some beautiful views of the local countryside, the photo here doesn't do it justice. This makes this a very pleasant experience, well worth taking time away from the funfair to do.