Park Review


Haunted House
Quarry Railway
Razzle Dazzle
Roundabout / Gallopers
Steam Chairoplanes
Steam Swings
Steam Yacht

This is a hard one for me to review. As an enthusiast I have a passion for the history preserved at this park, meaning I will have a personal bias favouring aspects of this park, people without the same enthusiasm as me will have.

This is a working museum of steam machines from past times, including a large funfair consisting of antique steam powered rides. One ride of particular note is the Steam Circus roundabout. It dates from the 1870's and is believed to be the worlds oldest mechanical fairground ride.


Another notable thing about this  attraction is it's mostly run and maintained by volunteers, helping out during their free time. This does mean the opening times are pretty limited, but that's easy enough to check on the parks website. Slightly more of an issue is that not all the attractions will necessarily be running. If you're travelling a long distance and want to try a specific ride this would be an issue. We were a little disappointed not to be able to do the Steam Circus. If your not travelling to far this is less of an issue, as there should be enough to do for a good afternoon out, and the low entrance fee means you can hardly say your not getting your moneys worth.

When we went the main attraction outside the funfair was the Quarry Railway. A steam train ride that takes in some beautiful views on it's circuit of track. Much of the rest of the park didn't have that much going on, with no demonstrations on the farm, and no traction engine rides. This made the rest of the park seem like a short distraction from the funfair, rather than an attraction in itself.

The chances are that this won't be to big an issue for most people reading this. This is a theme parks website, so most people will want to know about the funfair. you've got plenty of classic  favourites, like the carousels, chair swing and big wheel, and a collection of kiddie rides, including a kiddie roundabout that used to be at Chessington when it was still a zoo.

What really makes this place stand out though are some of the quirky and more unique rides on offer, like the unusual ghost house, bioscope cinema show, steam swings and steam yacht and the unique razzle dazzle. This helps give the atmosphere of the rides being something special, and creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

As an amusement park it is a very nice location with a good selection of family rides, with still enough to keep the big kids entertained. Well worth paying a visit too for a couple of hours if your in the area. It's the historic importance of the rides though that makes this important for the theme park and funfair enthusiast. I'd say a visit to here, or one of a couple of other places with similar historic rides is a must do at some point for a true enthusiast.