Haunted House


Haunted House
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From the outside this looks like a ghost house style attraction, this is a little deceptive as it functions more like a fun house on the inside. This isn't that bad a thing though as the spooky theme compliments the ride pretty well, and I think help enhances this simple type of fun house more than a more traditional fun house theme would.


Once you enter through the doors it's a pretty simple design, with you walking back and forth along some dark narrow corridors. Along the way are some simple types of crazy floor, plus a few paintings to keep in with the haunted house theme. There's some pieces of string hanging down as well, but it's not really dark enough for them to be effective.

Despite being smaller and simpler than a lot of more modern fun houses this one from 1915 still doesn't rate to badly. It's a good fun little ride, I've been on more modern fun houses with less charm, and less fun to do than this.