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It seems like every other seaside amusement park has a compact 3 drop flume ride. This does make the simple one drop circuit found here seem a bit behind the times. It doesn't help that it's not that well decorated a ride. Most of the structure is just plain metal, crying out for a drop of paint. It gives the feeling of a ride made of scaffolding.


On riding it you realise it's not quite as redundant as you might think. The small drop on the two drop layout doesn't make that much of a difference as you might assume it would when looking at this. It's the big drop that's the hi-light of the ride. This ride provides a good big drop in a good location, giving you a good view of the Adventure Golf and the Castle Slide before the drop itself.

The drop itself is a pretty good one. You reach a good level of speed in to a deep pool of water, creating a big splash. It's a ride I think would benefit from a makeover, but still does a nice job of providing a compact water ride.