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Based on the information on the parks website I was expecting this to just be a standard fairground Waltzer. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to come across a rarirty in the form of an old fashioned wooden Waltzer. The floor is made from wood instead of the usual metal, and it has old fashioned Waltzer cars.


One feature found here is the break lever at the centre of the ride. There's one for every car to stop the cars moving, making it easier to get on and off. I can't help but wonder why if an old fashioned set like this has this feature, why can't they include it on more modern sets?

As you might expect, the ride has a rough and ready feel about it. This isn't a bad thing though as it adds an extra element of fun to the ride, helping it stand out from other sets of Waltzers.

The only slight problem is when people where on average shorter than they were now. I had some discomfort with my head resting on the rim of the top of the pods. Anyone over 6 foot might want to give it a miss as they'll have no head support so would suffer from a whiplash effect. For anyone else though it's a great set of Waltzers that stands out from the bucket loads of similar rides found around the country.