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This ride easily ranks as one of the biggest surprises I've come across in any park. The fact that a small, primarily family park has an attraction of this nature defies all normal logic.

It's a walk threw horror attraction. From the outside it's an unassuming building, themed as an old abandoned building. If anything it's a little understated. It has some nice subtle touches, like the model that jumps out in one of the windows, but I think it would benefit with something outside to draw people in a bit more.


Inside you walk around the building, along a route that takes you past different scenes. Each scene is nicely separated from the next by some black curtains hanging down, which ensure you remain focused on each scene, and adds to the tension from the fear of not knowing what's behind the next curtain.

As you view each scene a movement in it is triggered, where something jumps out, an electric chair is turned on, or the body on the autopsy table comes to life. You may read that last sentence and think; Electric Chair? Autopsy Table? What the? The models here aren't your standard UV lit, day glow fairground models. These ones are not only good quality; they're also of a horrific and scary quality you wouldn't typically expect to find in a fairground haunted attraction. They're more like what you'd find in a good Halloween Haunted Maze, rather than what you'd expect to find in a small family amusement park like Littlehampton.

It's a ride I would be impressed with if I came across it at a large, big money amusement park. To find a ride like this of a great quality at a small seaside amusement park like this is unbelievable.