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Harbour Park
Caterpillar Coaster
Crazy Bikes
Harbour Park Waltzer
Horror Hotel
Water Chute

Look N Sea Tower

Gardens Golf

I'm writing this at a time when there's been a lot of discussion on the subject of coaster counting. There has been talk that in some cases it's an obsesion that's gone beyond the boundaries of what is sensible. There's also discussion on how it can have an adverse effect on your enjoyment of visiting a park. You can find yourself just visiting a park to ride the coasters, rather than the coasters just being one of your reasons to visit a park.


Most of my experiences with coaster counting have been positive. It's encouraged me to visit quite a few parks which I might have otherwise have passed over. It's been good to discover smaller parks, that may not have the drawing power of the larger parks with bigger rides, still have a lot to offer. Harbour Park is a prime example.

I had thought about popping over to this park for a while. Apart from a few small collections of kiddie rides this is the second nearest park to me after Brighton Pier. It was the addition of a new coaster, along with the fact it's cheaper to pay for a train from Brighton to Littlehampton and buy a book of ride tickets here than it is to buy a wristband on the Pier that finally convinced us to make the trip over. We're now kicking ourselves for not having visited earlier.

There aren't really any major rides here, but there are a nice selection of traditional fairground style rides, and a couple of nice hidden gem like rides such as the old fashioned Waltzer and the Horror Hotel.

Another plus point is the presentation of the park. It's not all perfect, as some of the rides feel a little plain and uninteresting, but it does feel like some thought and effort has gone in to presenting the rides and decorating the interiors of the park buildings.

What we really liked about this place was the great atmosphere of the park. All the staff where friendly, which was a strong contributing factor in giving the whole park a fun and inviting atmosphere.

The lack of any major rides means it's not one I can recommend going out of your way for. There's part of me that wishes this could expand out on to a pier or in to an ajacent field to allow for a more competitive ride line up. This part is overruled by the part likes having this very enjoyable little park a short journey from where I live, and wouldn't want it to change from the small friendly park it currently is. If you're in the area, it is worth trying to visit.