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I did have one worry about reviewing this ride when I found out Harbour Park had one. This ride is like a small inverting swing ship ride, where you control the the movement by peddling a set of pedals found on each seat. The worry was I've been on one at Clarence Pier, which at the time of writing is in the ride charts. Normally I could judge similar rides by varying ride programs and different theming.


The trouble here is both rides have the standard manufacturer's decorations, and it's a ride you control yourself, rather than follow a pre determined ride program, so how could I decide which is better? Turns out there are different settings, and this one isn't quite as good.

The ones here are a lot lighter to pedal. I see why they've done this, as it makes the ride less tiring and strenuous to ride. The trouble is you don't feel like you're in control of the ride. You need to pedal to gain momentum, but once you've done this you hardly need to pedal at all. One or two seconds at the top of each loop is enough to keep it going. It's still quite a good fun thrill ride, but here the peddling aspect feels a little redundant, rather than a fun element of the ride.