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I think this basic layout is the most commonly replicated track layout in the world. It's obviously popular as an inexpensive kiddie coaster, and also has the advantage that it only needs a small amount of flat space to install it. It's not only found at parks but also at a lot of family based attractions.


This one has the traditional caterpillar themed cars, and has a few flower like lampposts decorating the upper part of the track, but sadly doesn't have the big fibreglass apple a lot of these rides have.

One thing I wonder about this ride is why they bother having anti roll back to stop the train going back down the hill lift. What's the worse that can happen? There's only one train, so no risk of collision, and surely the rides not tall enough for it to reach enough speed for it to ever become a hazard.

The ride itself, as you'd expect is a very tame coaster that never provides any real amount of force and thrills. It's tame, even for a ride intended for kids. It does have the distinction of taking the record away from the Flying Frog at Paultons Park as being the most unspectacular coaster to offer an on ride photo. Apart from that it's a ride that does an O.K. job of achieving it's purpose, but doesn't do much more than this basic purpose.