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One unusual gimmick this ride has is the cars. Instead of sitting in regular cars your in a special motorbike shaped car, with special restraints. As well as being part of the theme, I think the idea is to try to give a more open and exposed feel. To be honest though I don't think this is pulled off, your movement is so restricted from your chest down, the extra bit of freedom from the chest down doesn't make it much more exciting.

Gimmicked cars aside, this is a non inverting, power launching coaster, like the ride it's inevitable I'll compare it to at some point, Rita at Alton Towers. Like Rita the idea of this coaster is for you to fly round a circuit of track at a fast speed. This ride creates a very thrilling experience this way. You feel very little let up as it speeds round the track at an adrenalin pumping rate all the way up to the final breaks before the station.


In terms of surroundings it doesn't match up to Rita. Much of the main part of the ride is in an undecorated plain concrete area, with no theming or even trees around it. However it does make up for this with it's compact track area which results in more twists and turns, and you being closer to other parts of the track. This means it matches up to Rita in the speeding round the track section.

Where it doesn't quite match up to Rita, and what I think makes Rita the slightly better ride is the launch. It's a well done launch, with some good sound effects played to build up the tension, but it doesn't create as much of a sensation of sudden intensity and acceleration as Rita does.

Don't let this put you off though. It may not be the best example of its type out there,  but very few rides can say that. It's still a very thrilling coaster that makes a worthy addition to the line up of rides at both Flamingo Land, and in the country as a whole.