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I've ridden a lot of Disk-o rides of late, in Great Yarmouth, Southend and Southsea. There rides where you sit on the edge of a big turntable that spins as it rocks back and forth on a small section of track. Having ridden so many I think I can be forgiven for having a waning interest in this type of ride. Luckily though this isn't your average family Disk-o, this is Disk-o deluxe.

What's the difference you might ask. Well this version is a lot bigger and taller than a standard model, and in this case size does matter. It still has the usual thrilling moments at the top of every swing, although the fact you're higher helps make this bit more thrilling. What really sets it apart is the downwards part of the swings. The extra height means you get a lot of acceleration as the ride heads down, including some really thrilling points where your facing almost strait down as you drop, only swinging upwards at the last minute. The overall package is a great thrill ride. If all Disk-o rides where this good I don't think my interest in them would ever die out.