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I think a good quick description of this ride is a Wild Mouse on steroids. It has the same sized cars allowing for some tight manoeuvres. Instead of just tight turns and sudden drops though it pulls of some wild looking inversions and manoeuvres. To look at it has one of the maddest layouts ever.

The small sized cars do have a problem though, a low capacity. I'm told they had some technical problems when it opened stopping it achieving maximum capacity. I don't know if this was still the case, or if they just didn't use all the cars when I visited, but it's an issue that needs to be fixed. It's hard to say if this will completely solve the capacity issues, but it will at least make the queue less frustrating. When we went we queued for over an hour, in what wasn't that long a queue because it moved so slowly.


So was it worth the wait? Sadly not. It's not that bad a ride, but not one that's worth an hours wait. The layout is a work of insanity, sadly this means other areas have had to be reigned in. You don't go around the track at that great a speed. Most likely it's been designed this way to stop it reaching too high a g-force when doing the crazy manoeuvres at speed. The result is a ride that operates like a fun novelty, that sticks out more for the look of it, rather than the ride itself.

If the intolerably large queue isn't an issue (this would be on a very quiet day) then this would be a good secondary support coaster to Kumali in the same area of the park. If the queues short it's a fun enough ride to merit a go, but for much of the time it's not worth enduring the queues it generates.