Flamingo Land
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Runaway Mine Train
Splash Battle
Wagon Wheel
Zoo Monorail

This is a ride I found surprisingly little information about before visiting the park. The Flamingo Land website had a baffling low amount of information in the park in general. You'd think there'd at least be a park map, and information on the main attractions, but it didn't even have these basics. I tried some other theme park websites, and all I could find on it where a few mentions and photos. Just enough for me to work out it was a water ride, set around an animal area, but that was about it. Certainly not enough for me to anticipate what this ride does.

It's a splash boat style water ride. It takes place in a large boat, with the finale of the ride being a drop in to a large pool of water, creating a huge splash and soaking the riders. This is quite a fun section as long as you don't mind getting soaked too much. It serves as a pretty good way to end the way on a high point. However it's not the finale that makes this ride such a stand out experience, it's the lead up to it.


I mentioned the animals already. What I didn't realise before coming to Flamingo Land was what an integral part of the ride they are. For a start there's the Lost Temple area that makes up a large part of the central area of the ride. This consists of some themed ruined walls, and some glass screens to separate you from a pride of lions living in that area. If that isn't enough on the other side of the track you've got several huge open enclosures, in which a variety of animals roam around. All that separates you from the animals is a barely perceivable ditch. It's not that unusual  for you to end up very close to some of the animals. The first time we tried it one of the Rhinos was only about 10 metres from the boat.

The ride is also very well presented. The whole area is well themed, there aren't many examples of such a large area immersing you in an experience like this. There's also some commentary at some points on the ride, that gives you a chance to take everything in as the boat stops, and helps by telling you what to look out for, such as to keep an eye out for the hippos when going up the hill lift.

The last thing I have to mention is this  rides in the charts. I have the feeling there will be controversy on my decision to put this ride ahead of the likes of Storm Force 10 and Valhalla. A lot of this will be due to a divide by those who are more enthralled by the animals and the experience of getting in with them like I am, and those who are not. All I can say it's a matter of personal taste, and if your taste doesn't match mine your rankings will be different. It may not technically be as good a water ride, but it's the one offering the ride experience I enjoy the most, which is the criteria I base the charts on. If I did  it any other way I'd have to put Colossus ahead of Nemesis for having more inversions, and put a boomerang coaster near the top, because other coasters don't go around the track backwards at any point.

As you've probably gathered I like this ride a lot. It's an experience I won't ever forget, and is a big factor in my desire to want to make future visits  to Flamingo Land.