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This is an example of a ride that's become really prominent. It's a swinging disc ride. It's a large circle of seats, here you face outwards, but there are also many inwards facing examples. These seats are on a large arm and swing pendulum like during the ride while spinning around.

Now this is one I thought would be at a disadvantage. it's the first one I've reviewed since trying some of the giant variants of this ride, one in Beijing, another at a German fair. the fact these ones see you doing a near 100ft plunge, instead of the comparatively small drop on regular versions, really ramps up the excitement when compared with the regular spinning discs, and nearly all other thrill rides.


Luckily this ride has some other things going for it. One is some nice theming. This includes a roof section over the loading area, that looks interesting, but isn't that noticeable during the ride. What is noticeable are the fountains either side of the platform that you can see under you during the ride.

What the ride really has going for it is the intensity it produces. I don't know if this is because of the manufacturer (I haven't ridden this particular version elsewhere) or if Flamingo Land have put it on a good ride program, but the strong intense feeling at the top of each swing sets it apart from other swinging disc rides I've ridden. Even if you've tried similar rides elsewhere this is still a must try when visiting the park.