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Whenever I've heard other theme park enthusiasts  talk about the Samaria at Chessington they've always said how they've got it on a very tame setting in order to account for the parks family market. up until now I've never been to sure exactly what they meant as I always thought (and I still do) that the Samaria was a highly exciting thrill ride. Now I've ridden the Beast, which is the same type of ride as the Samaria, and now have a much better idea of the full potential of this type of ride.


Although the theming for this ride isn't as good as the Samaria's it is set on a much more intense ride program. The G force created by this ride is much higher and the ride program lasts longer. The first time I went on this ride there was a point I thought the ride had ended only for it to start going again in reverse.

Deciding which of the two I like better is a close run thing. This one is a lot more intense and white knuckle, but the extra intensity I felt did retract from some of the excitement of flying through the air, which is more noticeable on the Samaria. I personally prefer the more intense Beast, although this decision probably comes down to my personal preference, and other people may disagree with it. It doesn't really matter that much as both are great highly thrilling rides.