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Troublesome Trucks

I'm trying to think if I've been on or seen any other custom designed kiddie coasters. I can think of one at Weiner Prater, and a few that are borderline between kids and family coasters, but a customed designed kids coaster is definitely a rarity.

This one ranks alongside the better kids coasters I've encountered, and like the 
best kids coasters it uses good theming to make a ride that would only appeal to kids on an empty concrete plot, and give it a more all round family appeal. In fact I think this ride takes the record for the largest number of adults I've seen riding a kids coaster at a non coaster club event.

This ride is in the Thomas the Tank Engine section of the park, and keeps in with the theme. The queue sees you going through the superbly themed train station, along the platform, opposite the queue to ride the miniature railway. The ride sees you getting in to a train of cars themed to look like characters from Thomas the Tank Engine. I don't actually recognise the characters, as it's been over 20 years since I last watched Thomas the Tank Engine, but they do look the part.


Instead of going strait to the hill lift the rides starts wit
h a small meandering section of track along the ground. This is quite a nice touch as it fits in well with the train theme, looking like a piece of track, and does enhance the overall experience with a sense of occasion.

After this it's on to the hill lift, where things become a little more traditional. The first part is a helix that the train takes at a moderate pace. It doesn't feel fast enough to be as thrilling as similar examples I've done, but it's fast enough to be fun. The return to the station after this provides a surprisingly fun twist. The banking of the track switches from left on the helix to right to go round the corner, then quickly back to level
banking as you come out the corner. This is quite a fun sensation as the train rocks back and forth, and brings something new for a kids coaster.

This isn't the most thrilling ride in the world, even when compared to some of the other kids coasters I've done, but it's well themed and more importantly good fun, which is what you ask from a kids coaster.