Drayton Manor
Ben 10
Buffalo Coaster
Cranky's Drop Tower
Diesel's  Locomotion Mayhem
Drunken Barrels
Flying Dutchman
Golden Nugget Wild West Shoot Out
The Haunting
Jolly Buccaneer
Pirate Adventure
Splash Canyon
Storm Force 10
Troublesome Trucks

Now and then I go on a ride and it represents a major milestone. It has some advancement that makes it stand out from all rides of a similar type, or represents a completely new experience I've never come across before. Nemesis and The Samurai stand out as good examples, and this ride stands out as a great innovation in flume rides.

There's a new style of boats and a backwards drop (which I later on also experienced on Valhalla) that made it stand out from all previous flume rides I'd been on.

The technology innovations aren't the only innovative things about this ride. There's also the imaginative and original theming. It's themed around a lifeboat station, and other sea style buildings like a lighthouse and an oil rig. This is great theming that has been done with great attention to detail, that greatly enhances the experience of both going through the queue line, and going on the ride itself. It has been superbly packaged, so there is hardly any dead time where you're not going up or down a drop, or not going through a well themed area.


The technological innovations and the imaginative theming creates a great overall package that makes it stand out from most other flume rides by a long way.