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Thinking about it, this ride is over a decade old, yet I think this is one of the countries most recently added sets of rapids. There's been a few new sets with the plastic style rivers, but very few with the concrete chutes. This comes as a bit of a surprise considering the trend for making a lot of parks more family orientated. I would have thought a good set of rapids would be a good choice of ride for a family park.

It's one of the most recent, and I think one of the best. Personally I think it's between this one, and the set at Alton Towers, and I'd give this one the slight edge.

A few of the original features have been taken away, but I don't think a lot of them mattered that much. Most of them were just random water jets and sprays, and I don't think they achieved that much towards the overall ride experience, other than getting you a bit wetter.

What it does do is set a great pace around a well themed area over a good selection of bumps, rapids and other features, set in a nice Wild West themed area, with Shockwave overhead. It's a simple formula for a good ride, but one it's been achieved masterfully.