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Golden Nugget Wild West Shoot Out
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There are now a couple of gun game rides in various parks around the country, but I still think this one, one of the first to be built, is one of the best examples about in this country. Yes it's a little on the short side compared to some other gun game rides, and the theming is a little bitty and shabby, but the gun game aspect has been well thought out and executed.

Unlike a lot of gun game rides where you shoot at LED lights to turn them off, or make them change colour, here you have targets to shoot, not only to score points but also to make a model linked to the targets move. This adds a nice extra interactive aspect to the ride.

Another good aspect is the opportunity to gain bonus points. This can be done by hitting a
group of targets, or if you hit a hidden target that's only revealed when you shoot another target to make a door open, or model move. Where else in the world do you get to shoot someone in the toilet? It's a ride that's a lot of fun, that you'll probably want a couple of goes on.