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This ride in many ways is underrated. It was opened in 1994, the same year as Nemesis and The Big One. Since then, despite it being Drayton Manor's premier roller coaster it hasn't really got as much recognition as it deserves. O.K. I'm not saying it is better than Nemesis or The Big One but this still an excellent ride.

This rides big gimmick is it's stand up restraints. This is a gimmick that hasn't been that popular. I think part of this  is to do with the fact this gimmick can put off nervous riders, plus the restraints can be on the uncomfortable side, especially if your male and have to position yourself on the bike seat like seat for the ride.

It's a little on the short side, and a little rough (it helps if you bend your knees slightly), but it still achieves a good level of excitement and intensity. You reach a deceptively high speed as you go round several inversions. What makes it great is it's non stop. As soon as you leave one inversion element your into another.


A great design which is made even better by the fact you're standing up, and the ride is set above other rides and footpaths, giving you an exciting view as you go around, adding to the excitement to what is already a great ride.