Pirate Adventure


Drayton Manor
Ben 10
Buffalo Coaster
Cranky's Drop Tower
Diesel's  Locomotion Mayhem
Drunken Barrels
Flying Dutchman
Golden Nugget Wild West Shoot Out
The Haunting
Jolly Buccaneer
Pirate Adventure
Splash Canyon
Storm Force 10
Troublesome Trucks

This ride was starting to show it's age a little, so it wasn't a surprise to find some changes had been made to it. Quite a few of the rides site gags and animatronics are inactive, but to compensate some work has been done to the lighting to give the ride a more moody and atmospheric feel. In the long term I'd say this ride needs a makeover, or at least have enough work done to it to restore it to it's former glory. In the short term though this isn't to bad as a temporary solution.

This issue does bring up the rides slow pace. I found the boat you travel around in makes it's way at a very slow pace. With fewer animatronics to keep your attention the ride feels a little slow in quite a few places.


This causes the ride to slide down the rankings a little, but it doesn't ruin the ride. It's a not so subtle attempt to copy the formula set by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Like this ride you ride around in a large boat through various pirate themed areas. The main area is a large town that's being ransacked by pirates, plus there are some caves at the start and end of the ride.

This rides biggest asset is the size of it. All of the models and sets are almost life size, which provides some spectacular surroundings. This results in some good memorable moments. The slight drop in quality means this is a ride I'd more readily skip, but it's still a good family dark ride. Not quite a must do, but just after the must dos on my to do list.