Drayton Manor
Ben 10
Buffalo Coaster
Cranky's Drop Tower
Diesel's  Locomotion Mayhem
Drunken Barrels
Flying Dutchman
Golden Nugget Wild West Shoot Out
The Haunting
Jolly Buccaneer
Pirate Adventure
Splash Canyon
Storm Force 10
Troublesome Trucks

When you go on a new ride for the first time I will often have certain expectations of it. Not only might I have heard about if from various sources, but I'll have also have seen pictures and looked at the ride, and expect certain things from it.

Some times rides don't come up to my expectations, some times they're matched, and sometimes, as with this ride they're exceeded.

What I expected from this ride was for it to be very similar to Vortex at Thorpe Park, as it's a similar ride set up, only you face outwards instead of inwards. It has you swinging out on a pendulum while you spin around slowly causing you to be lifted out your seat at the top of each swing.

What really made this ride exceed my expectations is the view you get from facing outwards. Not only do you swing past things, and above things, but the best bit is when your near the top on the swing, and your lifted out of your seat and all you can see is the sky. This is a thrilling magical moment, that recreates the experience of flying better than Air at Alton Towers does. This ranks up there highly as one of my favourite thrill rides.