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Troublesome Trucks

When I first rode this ride the year it opened I wasn't that impressed with it. Yes the rides gimmicked hill lift is good. This sees a hill that's almost in the shape of a half loop that not only lifts you vertically up, but then tilts back so at the top of the lift you're upside down.

The lift and the moment where you flip back the right way up on the first drop are good, and a thrilling start to the ride. The trouble was after the first part the ride felt unenergetic, and was hampered further by some uncomfortable  restraints.

The restraints are still a problem. This consists of a large pad that goes across your lap. I think the idea is to leave your top half free, to try to create a sense of vulnerability. The trouble is they pads constrict so tightly you have no freedom of movement at all. This wouldn't be so bad, but the pads become painfully uncomfortable, digging harshly in to your ribs.

 The good news though is the ride itself has developed a bit more character. It's got a few bumps in it now, but it now feels faster. It doesn't feel fast enough to rank it that highly, but it's an improvement as it no longer commits the major sin of being boring. It feels like a secondary coaster to support Shockwave, rather than a major coaster in it's own right, but it's now on a level which means it merits a go when visiting the park.