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One question lots of people ask when I mention my interest in theme parks is "What's the scariest ride you've ever been on?" Today I would say the Super Booster on Brighton Pier, but before that there was a ride that was the clear and definite winner, a ride that continued to be scary, go after go. The answer was always this one. Even today only the Super Booster is the only one to rival this one.

It's separated into several parts, there's the sit down section, and the stand up section which separates into with and without floor sections.


The sit down part is scary in itself, but the true brown trousers part is the stand up section. As it hoists you up and then tips you forward you can't help but feel scared and insecure. Once your hoisted to the top the tension gets even higher for the few seconds your at the top and wait to free fall plummet down to the ground.

The park brochure last time I went called this ride "Britain's Scariest Ride." This was before the Super Booster, so then I'd 100% agree with that claim, and it can still legitimately claim to be one of Britain's scariest rides.