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Thanks to  Mathew Robertson for writing this review for me.

This was my first ever visit to Diggerland (it wonít be my last), and although itís a small park, itís only one of four parks (soon to be five- new one being built) in the country where almost anyone can drive an eight-ton JCB! There is an interesting selection of rides, some of which are construction machinery, but with passenger gondolas instead of buckets or forks.

Due to the size of the park and the amount of rides, it isnít a full day attraction, me and a friend only had about three and a half hours in the park due to public transport, and that was just enough time to go on all the rides, apart from a few exceptions. Also, the staff are lovely, which made our day even better.

Another thing that I noticed on the spinning rides that use a digger as the power source, is that surly the operators get dizzy, spinning around in circles? Overall with a good atmosphere and an unusual quirky selection of rides it's a good fun family day out.