Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure Water Ride


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Tommy Tinkaboo's
Sweet Adventure

I checked and this ride does break the website record. That's the record for the ride with the longest name. It takes this record, rather ironically away from Professor Burps Bubble Works.

There was no way I could avoid mentioning the Bubbleworks, because it's clear to even the casual observer where this ride takes it's inspiration from.

It's a scenic dark ride set on round boats that slowly travel around a building as a wacky cartoony confectionary factory. Sound familiar? The same bright cartoony style is replicated throughout the ride, including in the queue line. Here the posters decorating the walls look so similar to the ones in the Bubbleworks queue I'm surprised no ones been sued.


On paper this should be an inferior copy. There's no fountain finale. fewer sight gags and not as many big scenes. Despite all this I think this is a better ride. For a start the models are of a higher quality, most of them being like new, unlike the Bubbleworks which looks shabby in places. This helps contribute to what makes this a better ride, the immersion and creation of escapism is more complete. As you look round this ride there's almost nothing to spoil the illusion of you travelling around a cartoony sweet factory. Unlike the Bubbleworks where there are some unfortunate reminders that it's just a ride at some points.

I suppose it is possible that the Bubbleworks shower gel revamp could have made it better, I haven't tried it myself yet. This seems unlikely though, going on what I've seen and heard of it. Instead what we've got is quite a rare example of a park copying ideas from someone else's dark ride, and producing something superior to the original.