Pleasure Island,
The Boomerang
Century 2000
Falls of Fear
Hydro Max
Mini Mine Train
Razzle Dazzle
Tommy Tinkaboo's
Sweet Adventure

This is a ride, which if I'm honest, I have to say I wasn't expecting much from. Probably  because I'd been one version of this ride known as a Frisbee before at a European park with a trip with the coaster club. It's a big arm, which swings pendulum like, on the end of which is a large metal turntable, with a number of inwards facing seats on the edge. The version I tried before was a pretty standard ride, far out shone by similar floorless versions of these rides like Vortex at Thorpe Park and Maelstrom at Drayton Manor.


It came as a surprise then when is ride turned out to be pretty good. What really makes it is an artfully created ride programme. It manages to find several different ways to operate, changing as it goes, meaning the ride doesn't get repetitive, even on a long ride programme. It also does a good job of building up to a finale, just as you think you've seen all it has to offer it kicks up to another gear, providing a thrilling and exciting finish. It doesn't quite match the floorless versions of these rides at their best, but this on makes a refreshing change from them, and is well worth a try.