Park Review


Pleasure Island,
The Boomerang
Century 2000
Falls of Fear
Hydro Max
Mini Mine Train
Razzle Dazzle
Tommy Tinkaboo's
Sweet Adventure

This park had an unusual method of operation on my visit. They'd put the rides on a rota system. When you purchased your ticket they gave us a printed sheet with when the rides where operating, with it changing every hour. It's an interesting system. It meant all the rides were well organised, with very little waiting around to try them. The downside was you had to plan your day quite militantly, rather than be able to go round at your own leisure. It also meant we had to choose between having to hang around the park for a prolonged time, or missing out on some of the rides. We opted for the second because we wanted to do a quick visit to the small animal sanctuary along the main road from the park. You might notice a few rides consequently unreviewed. I suppose this is the price I pay for avoiding the busier days with the longer queues. To be fair, I've been to parks which have handled the quiet days issue worse than this.


This is a park that seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. Is it an amusement park, theme park or a pleasure garden. it borrows aspects from all three.

The ride selection, it's location on the coast, and the facts it's got lots of rides in a small area with reasonable waiting times indicates an amusement park. The pay one price on the gate, and the themed areas indicates a theme park. Lastly the greenbelt pleasant feel to the park indicates a pleasure garden. I'd probably class it as an amusement park, but one with a very pleasant spread out layout.

The rides here are a pretty good set. There's a good dark ride in the Sweet Adventure and some nice shows to catch throughout the day. The roller coaster selection is a pretty standard set. They've got the Go Gator, not unsuitable for anyone over the age of 5, plus a family mine train coaster and a boomerang coaster to offer something a bit more thrilling. Thinking about it, this park being owned by the same company that owns Flamingo Land, it would have been a good idea to move Magnum Force here. From what I saw it wouldn't have needed any major sacrifices to make room for it, and even if it was only used as a short term stop gap coaster until a new coaster was added later on, I think it would have been of great benefit to this park.

The parks mainstay though is the thrill rides. There's loads of them. This has to be one of the most concentrated assortment of thrill rides out there. You've got a good range to, lots of classic rides like the Chair Swing, the Whirly Twirl waltzer style ride and the Century 2000. There's' also a Gravitron ride that interestingly used to be at Alton Towers. There's also family favourites like the Razzle Dazzle and Pirate Ship, and more thrilling rides like the Hyper Blaster, Terror Rack, Alakazam and Hydro Max. It's a good selection of rides, that has quite a quirky feel that sets it apart from other collections of thrill rides.

The majority of the rides are well presented, and the themed areas are pretty good. There are a few exceptions to this rule like the Whirly Bird and Falls of Fear which are in need of a makeover. The worst example is the Dodgems, it's an old knackered set and really needs replacing.

Overall though this is a good park, but one that feels like it is missing something. The trouble is it's got a large number of good rides, but very few that stick out as great examples, or as that memorable. To many rides are in the category of ones you'd only want to do once.

This could be a park to watch out for. I know there are plans to add a caravan park linked to this park, like at Flamingo Land. When this is in place there's every reason this parks ride selection will be expanded. The foundations and lower tiers of a great park are already in place, it just needs a good signature coaster, and a couple of other memorable rides for the top of the pyramid to turn it in to one of the countries best amusement parks. As for now it doesn't reach that level, but it's still a good day out.