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The whole feel of this ride is of a traditional amusement park ride, despite the fact it's a bit of a rarity, at least in the U.K. I can't think of a time I've come across a ride like this before. That is a surprise when you consider it's both popular and widely available in America, (where it's generally known as the Hurricane) and it's definitely one of the better family rides out there.

It's like a cross between two other traditional rides. One is a chair swing, the other is a Jump n Smile, a ride with a load of arms sticking out, forming a big circle of trains which hop up and down.


It starts out like a chair swing, with the cars starting to swing out at an angle due to the centrifugal force. This creates more intensity than a chair swing does, I think it's because the arms are held in place at a certain point, so they don't swing out as far as they would normally, meaning more of the force acts on the train.

This is a good prelude to when this ride really kicks off. The cars then start to swing up and down, bouncing the cars as they rotate round the centre. This is a really fun and thrilling sensation that's created. This definitely ranks as one of the better thrill rides for the family market I've ridden.