Pleasure Island,
The Boomerang
Century 2000
Electric Monorail
Falls of Fear
Hydro Max
Mini Mine Train
Razzle Dazzle
Tommy Tinkaboo's
Sweet Adventure
Whirly Twirl

For a thrill ride at an amusement park a lot of  effort has gone in to the theming of this ride. It matches in with the Morocco area with magic carpet decoration and even a back story. It tells of how an angry genie created this ride as a method of torture.

The subject of torture neatly links me to the subject of the ride restraints. It runs like an enterprise wheel, but instead of the normal cages it has special restraints  which you lie face down in. When there closed they are very tight and restrictive on your whole body. It makes waiting for the ride to start up pretty unpleasant.


Once the ride starts this is soon forgotten though. The flying position gives a whole new perspective to this ride, and is an enthralling experience as the ride flies through the air, giving you some unique views an experiences.

My only slight problem is it starts to get a little repetitive, it is  a bit of a one trick ride. I had one idea of where I've seen an enterprise style ride called a Force 10. It has an extra tilt point at the centre of the wheel, so it tilts horizontally above the ground. If you could get that on a ride like this it could be a great ride. Still, it may be a one trick ride, but it's a great trick, making this a ride I'd like to see a bit more off.