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The Vampire was down a year in 2001 to relaunch with new cars where your feet dangle, and slightly modified scenery to accommodate the new cars. Makes you wonder what took all year really.

The new cars are an improvement on the old ones, as being able to see what's below you adds a lot to the excitement to the ride, and the new cars do seem to swing with more intensity than the old ones. The track layout is unchanged, but is still exciting with some very fast descents and wild corners, as well as going around rooftops, and past trees.

There is however one major problem with it, which I think brings the rides quality down, which to be fair isn't really the fault of the designers or the park, it's down to the local planning restrictions. The trouble is once the ride starts to really get going it comes to a halt as it either hits the second hill lift, or comes to the end of the ride. It's a shame they weren't allowed to build the hill lift higher as the ride is very well designed and exciting for the short times it's going round. Unfortunately the lack of enough height to keep the exciting phases going for a long enough stops the ride from being as good as it could have been.