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This is a vast improvement to the old Terror Tomb ride, that was bogged down by a terrible hammy plot. It's now a much simpler plot with a gun game ride, and the laser gun game is a very fun aspect, that makes the ride very re-rideable as you try to go for a higher score. The models on this ride, although not brilliant are still very good with some good effects, and spectacular set pieces.

There are problems however that come from the nature of the ride. It's a scenic ride converted into a gun game ride. This means the scenery isn't really interactive as you're shooting green lights to turn them red, rather than try to make things happen. This also means there are no hidden targets, and all the targets score the same number of points. I find this did take away some of the appeal the ride could have potentially had.


Another problem I found was the large capacity of the trains. With 30 people per train it does mean that active targets aren't always available. I found your position on the train did improve or dampen your chances of a high score, it is especially difficult at the back, with the best location being towards the middle.

Overall I still think this is a great ride despite some of the problems, and unlike the Terror tomb it is worth trying a couple of times.