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For a major new attraction at a park that's an easy day trip for me, it took me quite a bit of time to get around to trying it. The reason for this is obvious. I'd already ridden Edge at Paultons Park when it opened the year before this, so a copy of the exact same ride wasn't that high a priority. This does me wonder why they went with this ride, it's not as if there aren't other rides that could have been substituted as the signature attraction of the Wild Asia area, that aren't already at a nearby park.

For the uninitiated this is a Disk-O Coaster, a variant of the very popular Disk-O rides, that have popped up in amusement parks around the country. It sees you sitting facing outwards on a giant disc. During the ride the disc spins and moves back and forth along a section of track. Unlike a regular Disk-O with a short section of track, this version has a much longer section of track, that includes a bump in the middle.

I've heard complaints about this ride being on a short ride program. This is not something I had a problem with when I visited, although this was on a quiet day when the rides were a walk on.


One thing I did find was it didn't strike me as thrilling as Edge, not achieving the same high speed out of control feel. To be honest though I can't say if this is because of a tamer setting, or due to the fact I rode Edge first, and the ride has lost some of it's impact on a repeat try.

Overall though it's still a pretty good ride. At Chessington it feels more like a stopgap ride, installed between the opening of major attractions, rather than a major attraction in it's own right. It still offers enough in fun and thrills to make it a must do on a visit to Chessington.

Kobra - Second Opinion



Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this
review and providing this photo for me.

I went on Kobra nearly as soon as it opened thinking it was going to be quite a thrilling ride due to all of its hype, but it disappointed me to be honest.  Kobra is in the new Wild Asia section, which is where Beanoland used to be. The ride is very well themed and looks Massive compared to the rides around it. When you get to the end of the queue and its your turn your crammed inside a holding pen with 20+ other riders, waiting for your turn.

The ride itself is a "Disk-O" a giant disc shape where riders sit all around the edge on a bike saddle like seat as the ride host calls it. When your seated a back restraint comes up which if your not ready could be quite uncomfortable. When it starts you spin slowly and stay on 1 side of the track, until you pick up some speed  and go over to the other side at quite a speed. When your at the top it looks like your going straight off the Kobra's head until you speed back down again to the other side, then repeat. 

My problems with the ride is I've done quite a few "Disk-O" rides and this is the least thrilling I've been on, but still a great ride for families and I would still say its a must do if you haven't been on it before.