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Thanks to a combination of not many new rides at Chessington for a while, meaning I've favoured parks with new rides, and a technical fault with this ride stopping me trying it previously, it's taken me a while to get around to trying this ride since it had it's major makeover. I've read quite a few opinions about this ride in that time, some positive, some negative. The critics were saying how a classic ride has been spoiled. I agree it was a good ride before, although I felt it was overrated due to it's fame and prominence, I still thought it was still a good ride. I did think though it got to a point were it was showing it's age, and felt shabby in places, so was at least in need of sprucing up, if not a makeover. This was particularly noticeable after riding (deep breath) Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure Water Ride at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes, a ride that out bubbleworked the old Bubbleworks.


After riding this new version a couple of times I say I disagree with the critics. I'd say this version is an improvement over the old version. It still retains much of the original charm as you ride around, viewing the various scenes around the wacky factory, now producing the sponsors shower gel, rather than fizzy pop.

The real improvement with this ride is with the presentation. Gone are the old shabby interiors and walls, replaced with more detailed and colourful backgrounds, which go a long way to enhancing the ride, creating a more complete feeling experience as you travel around.

The only disappointment are the scenes towards the end of the ride, the funfair scene and the fountain finale. The funfair scene isn't too bad taken at face value, but it doesn't compare well with the old version of it. It used to be one of my favourite scenes, but is now lacking it's old magic, and is lacking in colourful visual stimulations. It could do with a site gag or two, plus something more colourful than lots of yellow rubber ducks to restore some of it's old sparkle.

The fountain finale also suffers from a lack of sparkle. The jets of water that arch overhead still form a good visual spectacular, but it doesn't feel spectacular or colourful enough to be a fitting finale to this ride. It's not a bad area, but it could do with a few more models, or maybe some lighting effects to make this a fitting finale to the rest of the ride.

These two scenes though don't detract from what overall is a great ride. It now ranks up there with the better dark rides, and as a must do on a visit to Chessington.

Bubbleworks - Second Opinion



Thanks to  Charily Vaughan for writing this review for me.

Ever since I was little I have loved this ride and I still do today. You wouldn't expect a tame ride such as the Bubbleworks to appeal to such a wide range of audiences, from the thrill ride daredevil to the tiny tot, everyone can enjoy the Bubbleworks.

Upon entering the Bubbleworks building, you are greeted by a large amount of ducks. Yes, rubber ducks. Everywhere you look, there's a duck, and it's immediately obvious that the ride is largely themed around a soap factory. I think the theming is good, and they have paid attention to detail, for example whilst waiting in the queue there is a variety of "advertisements" with ducks on, and though rather cheesy, they made me smile.

The makeover to the ride certainly made a change, but I feel although some of the old models were a little tacky, that this ride has lost some of its old charm from when it was themed as a fizzy drinks factory. However, I don't quite know where else you'll find a ride where you ride along in a bath tub watching models of ducks and small factory workers making and testing soap!

The actual ride itself consists of you riding along, watching various model scenes. It is quite a family friendly ride as the little kids will love it, but it will still appeal to adults and teenagers as well because of its silly humour.

A couple of small mishaps include the fact that from the outside, it is immediately obvious who the ride sponsors are (Imperial Leather), and it feels a little like the ride was only changed because of the sponsor. Almost everywhere you look, there's a reminder that "this ride is sponsored by Imperial Leather. "Another bad point is that if you are in a small group on a busy day, you will probably be made to share a boat, which is not all bad news but if you were planning on getting the photo then it will contain them as well. Speaking of the photo, it comes at a rather unexpected point, so if you are going to pose I recommend looking for the "Aloe Vera" sign, (and don't look into the CCTV camera!) as thatís where the camera is.

By the way, I'm a little puzzled as to why this ride was put into the Transylvania themed section of the park, as it feels like it belongs in Toytown! (I can answer that, it was originally conceived as a Bavarian Brewery, that fitted in the Transylvanian area, only the Beer was substituted for the more family friendly Soda Pop - TPOE)

Looking back over the review I think I've been a bit negative, as I've picked out all the bad points rather than all the good ones. But overall, a great family ride, but it's  a good idea to get fastrack on a busy day, as the queues can get massive.