Brighton Pier
Air Race
Crazy Mouse
Helta Skelta
Horror Hotel
Penny Arcade
Turbo Coaster
Wild River

Me and this ride have a lot of history, with it being located at my local park I've been riding for as long as I can remember. In fact it's probably the one ride I've had more goes on than any other.

A few years ago it started to show it's age a little, so the pier decided to do some work on it. I remember seeing it at the halfway stage, where it looked like a poor attempt to cash in on the fashion for vintage style rides. Now all the works been done though, with the whole ride decorated it looks great.


One change from my childhood is new health and safety concerns, meaning the operators don't come out and spin you anymore. To be fair some other parks and fairs have had incidents due to this, so I wouldn't say it's right to criticise this point.

Even without operator spinning though it still knows how to deliver the goods. It still delivers some good bursts of spinning that pin you to your seat. This ride holds a reputation as a classic of the British fairgrounds, and rightly so. Hopefully I'll continue to ride them, especially this example, for many years to come.