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This is a ride I've been waiting to try for a long time. Not due to any major hype or anticipation. It's due to the fact that despite being at the park nearest to my flat, it's taken over a year from since when it was first due to open for me to have an opportunity to try it. This is due to a combination of construction delays, technical problems and me going on a quiet day, and there not being any operators for this ride.


From the outside it is a step above an average fairground ghost train due to it's size and track layout. It also has some nice trains as well, which offer more room than you usually get. The ride itself starts in a pretty standard way with an enclosed spiral hill lift, followed by a pretty tame gravity dip. After this you go in to the main interior of the ride, where you go past various scenes, with models which animate as you go past.

This section does manage to create an experience greater than the sum of it's parts. The models are O.K., but not of that great a quality, and I found most of them where miss-timed, with them animating a couple of seconds too late, allowing you to anticipate the shocks before they happen. Despite this I still found it quite a fun and enjoyable ride. I think this ride is the equivalent of an enjoyable cheesy horror film. A film you don't watch because it's scary, or you expect to be that good, but one you watch because it's a good laugh. I think that sums this ride up, it's not a creative masterpiece, and most of it is pretty cheesy, but it's the sort of cheesiness you can enjoy and have a bit of fun with.