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Little did I know when I first rode this that it would be the first of 15 and counting spinning mice I would eventually ride. Obviously this has diluted the appeal of these rides a little. It also occurs to me that there are now rides available that would do the same job, but take up less space, which given how valuable space is on the pier would appear to be a better option.


Despite these issues though it still holds up well as a family coaster. It starts out with a couple of the traditional mouse turns. These them self aren't that thrilling, but they give you a good chance to take in the view of the sea and the pier. After that it's on to two of the rides main drops, that for a family coaster pack a surprising amount of punch.

It's at this point that the rides main novelty (although how much does a novelty have to be used before it stops being a novelty) kicks in as the spinning mechanism is set free. Here part of the fun is your not quite sure what to expect. I've had times when I've been treated to some mad spinning, other times the spinning has been more sedate, but I've taken the bumps facing backwards. Whatever happens though this ride always delivers a nice level of fun and thrills.

With so many spinning mice about it would be easy to start overlooking them, but it does say something about there enduring appeal that this is still a ride that tops my to do list when I visit the pier.