Park Review


Brighton Pier
Air Race
Crazy Mouse
Helta Skelta
Horror Hotel
Penny Arcade
Turbo Coaster
Wild River

On offer here is not just a collection of rides on the end of the pier but also a collection of other amusements on the pier. There are two large arcades, a couple of bars and restaurants, games and other shops and attractions. These provide extra things to do here as well as the amusement park rides.

I'm in a bit of a quandary in which group of seaside amusement parks Brighton belongs in. Is it a big fish in a small pond, or the smallest member of the shark pack. For those who don't understand my metaphor I'm thinking there are lots of small amusement parks you'd find in small to medium sized towns. These are small ones, most people who have never been there will have never heard off. They're more of a diversion on a visit to the town in question, as opposed to some of the larger ones which are an attraction, and a reason to visit the town in there own right.


Brighton seems to fall partway between both categories. It is a park people will have heard off, with a reasonable collection of amusement rides, and two good, although hardly unique roller coasters in the form of the looping turbo coaster, and a spinning wild mouse. It also has a respectable collection of other family rides including  a Waltzer, a twist, a generic flume and some kiddie rides. Again nice but nothing of especial note. Finally there's the most thrill rides, the Booster and the more unique Air Race. It's a collection that sets it apart from a lot of the smaller parks, but doesn't hold up that well against larger seaside amusement parks in terms of number of rides, and in terms of big drawing or unique attractions.

So, would I rank Brighton as one of the better smaller parks that function as a diversion on a visit to a town, or one that is an attraction in it's own right.

One big negative is the price. They did offer wristbands for a short while, but last time I visited there was no sign of them. This wouldn't be so bad if the rides where priced at a more reasonable level, but at 3.00 or 4.00 just to try some pretty standard rides like a Waltzer or Spinning Mouse it really doesn't offer that great value for money, and limits this parks appeal as a day, or even an afternoon out. I know a lot of this is because of the piers status as a listed attraction, and the fact it costs a huge sum to maintain the piers and buildings every year, consequently even with these prices they don't make that much money.

Another thing you have to consider is although it says the pier is open 364 days a year the funfair is pretty much dead at non peak times, with the combination of rides left unmanned, and minimum numbers of riders on some rides meaning there isn't that much on offer in terms of rides. If you're planning a visit I'd recommend choosing a day that will be at least moderately busy to avoid this problem.

This park does do a good job of offering somewhere to go as a diversion for an hour or two on a visit to Brighton. It's a good set of family thrill rides plus a couple of thrilling rides, along with the restaurants bars and amusements make it a nice place to pop in to. the problem is the limited space for rides, and more importantly the poor value on offer mean the park doesn't rate as an attraction in it's own right like other larger amusement parks. If you are willing to spend the money though it's a nice place to pop in to, especially during the summer.