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When this ride first opened I was excited by the prospect of a major thrill ride at my local park. Unfortunately things didn't pan out the way I hoped, and I didn't end up riding it much. Mainly because of the high price per go of this ride, and the poor value you get for your money.

Recently though on a visit to the pier I had a run of good luck. I spent my usual 1 worth of 10ps on some of the amusements and actually won some money. Not just a small amount, but I won a grand total of 15.00. No, I wouldn't believe it either, but you'll just have to trust me on this.


With this money I decided I'd splash out a little and have a go on the booster. When it first opened it was 10.00 a go. After a very short time of almost no one paying that the price was quickly reduced to 5.00 a go, which is still a pretty steep price to pay for it.

Tokens in hand I went to the station. As my girlfriend, who I was at the pier with, wouldn't come on it meant I would have to wait for at least one more rider, as it needs at least one person on each end to balance out the weight of the ride. This didn't worry me too much as it was the Easter Holidays, and someone was bound to want to ride shortly. 10 minutes later, a large number of people had walked past, but none had come up to ride, and I was almost ready to give up and try again later, when a little girl came to the station. When I say little I'm not exaggerating, she looked about 7, and barely made the minimum height requirements for the ride. One of the operators even asked me if I thought she'd be alright, not realising we weren't together.

The good news was the girl was O.K., and I can take some pride in the fact that I was the only person during that time period not shown up by a 7 year old girl.

Right, I'd better talk about the ride itself, seeing as I've written enough material there for a whole review with hardly any attempt to actually review the ride. I think the biggest draw this ride has to offer is the view from it. I think it's best if you sit on the side facing the coast, as it offers some spectacular views of the pier and the seafront. I would love to be able to take my camera round on a slow circuit of this ride so I'd be able to take some photos.

The ride program has improved since it first opened, when it was on a very poor short one. Now it reaches a good level of speed as the pods spin round creating a good level of excitement. When I did it the pods even did somersaults, flipping me over at the top of each spin, adding a real element of excitement. Whether this happens every time, or it was due to the weight balance of the pod on that go I'm not sure.

One disappointment is that you still only get to go round in one direction. I think the pier could afford to offer a bit more in the ride program, with you getting to try going round both clockwise and anti clockwise. Especially considering the price you pay for a go on this.