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Technically this isn't part of Brighton Pier, but seeing as it's less than a minutes walk away from the front of the pier, and I almost always visit here when I visit the pier I decided it warranted a mention.

For those who want directions it's about a minutes walk along the beach from Brighton Pier in the direction of the remains of the West Pier. It's in one of the Arches on a slope leading back up to the main road.


What's inside is a sort of interactive museum of old style arcade amusements. This includes old models which move when a penny is inserted and old time peep shows. There's also a collection of old games, some are two player, and some rely on skill and luck for you to win on them, usually you're reward for winning is another penny to try another one of the games.

It's quite a nice fun and amusing attraction. Not one you'd spend ages at, 10 or 15 minutes at most, but chances are you'll only spend a pound or two during this time. If you're visiting Brighton Pier I'd recommend popping along to here as well.