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I was pretty excited to find out my local park was getting a major new thrill ride, along with an interesting new kids ride called Dragon Castle. The good news continued when I found out the grand opening would be on one of my mornings off, so I'd be able to attend.

The ride looks very exciting. It's a circular structure with arms raised above the ground sticking out. On each arm is another vertical arm, that has a plane themed pod at the end. During the ride the centre spins in a carousel like fashion, while the vertical arms rock and spin the pods that perform barrel rolls during the ride.


I arrived at the opening ceremony, and the staff very kindly let me up on the ride platform during the ceremony, which included a blessing from a local priest. After that there was a first for the visiting VIPs and staff, followed by a short wait for the blessing of the new Dragon Castle kids ride and a few more tests before the ride opened to the public. I was lucky enough to be the first person to hand over tokens for this ride.

So after the wait what was it like to ride? I found it pretty good. It looks like a manic ride, with all the inversions performed. It isn't as bad as you might think, as you perform the inversions at a moderate speed, keeping the level of intensity and nausea at a more tolerable level. You still get a good level of thrills and excitement as you perform some exciting manoeuvres. There's a particularly exciting moment when you invert on the side of the ride where the sea is, and you see it below you. There's also some variety where you do swings back and forth, and there are changes of direction. This means the ride never feels repetitive, even with it's reasonably long ride programme.

This ride fits very nicely into the piers ride line up, filling a gap between the family thrill rides and the more scary booster ride. This along with a new kids thrill ride to compliment the gentle kids rides means the ride line up has a more rounded feel than it did before. The fact this is a relatively unique ride, not commonly found at fairgroundsand other amusement parks also represents a step up for the pier.

I wouldn't go as far to say it's a must do, but it's going to make me want to visit the park more often than I did before, and this ride's going to be at the top of my to do list.